This guide assumes the following:

You have a Zapier account (at least Basic plan)

You have a Speak2Leads account

Step-by-step guide

Begin by logging in to your Zapier Account

  1. Click on the S2L Zapier Invite Key link and accept the invitation:
    1. You will now have access to the Speak2Leads app in the Zapier App Directory
  2. Click "Make a Zap!"
    1. There are at minimum 2 parts to every Zap: A "Trigger" and and "Action"
  3. Choose the your Trigger App.
    1. You can search for it in the search
  4. Once you have completed the Trigger part of the Zap. You are now ready to create an "Action" that occurs every time a the trigger is actioned.
  5.  Select "Speak2Leads Beta" for the Action App
    1. You can search "Speak2Leads" in the search bar to find it
  6. Select the appropriate Action (Create Call)
    1. You don't have a choice, they only have one option
  7. Click "Save + Continue"
  8. Now you need to connect your S2L account
    1. If you have already connected a S2L account to your Zapier account, you can select it from the list
    2. If not, click 'Connect a New Account"
  9.  In the pop up window, enter your S2L username in the first field and your API Key  in the second field (send email to support@speak2leads to get it)
  10. Click "Yes, continue"
  11. Click "Test" to test the account integration
    1. If you are working with more than 1 S2L account, it may behoove you to change the name from "Speak2Leads Beta Account #X" to something more meaningful to you. Do this by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the account name
  12. Once the test is complete and successful, cick "Save +Continue"
  13. At this page you want to map the information you collected from your trigger to our Speak2Lead fields.
  14. At minimum, you need to provide a phone number and tell us your account ID
  15. At the "Lead Phone Number" field click the button to the right of the field. A dropdown menu should appear
    1. This menu shows you all the info you collected from the form that is available for you to map
  16. Select the appropriate Phone number example data
  17. In the "Account ID field" type your account ID
    1. ex: GEN_870 or EDU_123
  18. If you want Speak2Leads to announce any other lead information, you can map that as well
    1. In the example video, I set it up just to announce the "Lead Name"
    2. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have already discussed with Speak2Leads what fields you want to announce so that the IVR is properly configured. Otherwise, S2L may not announce the info selected.
  19. Once you have selected and mapped the your desired lead data, click "Continue"
  20. This page shows you the example data you are sending to S2L for a test
  21. Click "Create and Continue" and Zapier will try to send a test call
  22. If you followed all the steps and your account has already been properly configured, the test should be successful, meaning an inquiry was sent to S2L
    1. If not, check your work or contact
    2. This does not necessarily mean a call was successfully generated
  23. Click "view your call"
  24. Examine the message
    1. If the message says: "inquiry received" the test was successful and a call will be generated
    2. Otherwise, contact
  25. Click "Finish"
  26. Name your Zap
  27. Turn it on
  28. Congratulations, you have made a Facebook Lead Ad to Speak2Leads zap! Good job on a successful integration.
  29. Notify about your accomplishment,
    1. We like to keep an eye out and monitor the activity of the account, just to make sure everything is going smoothly