Unbounce and Zapier

Note: Unbounce is a Premium Zapier app and will require at least a Basic Zapier Plan

This is a manual for linking Speak2Leads with Unbounce using Zapier. 

For demonstration purposes, we have created this very simple test page using Unbounce. This for simplicity, so this page only has a submission form, they key part of your Landing page.

As you can see, this form has a couple of different fields for you to collect lead information from.  In this example, the information we wanted to collect was the lead First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Nature of Inquiry.

You can modify your form design in Unbounce by going into the Page Builder….


…and double clicking the form.

Here you put in you desired fields;

Speak2Leads requires at minimum 3 fields to generate a call.

  • First Name
  • Phone Number
  • Account ID (Notice that I have a hidden field I have called “Account.” This is a static field where you enter your Speak2Leads Account ID in the default value. In this example, the account ID is gen_870)

When you are done designing your form, click done.

Finish finalizing your page and save and publish it.

Finish finalizing your page and save and publish it. Your page must be published for Zapier to work.

Once your page is complete, go back to the Landing Page overview.

Open a new tab or window. Log in to your Zapier account and click on “Make a Zap” up at the top right.

There are 2 parts of every Zap, the Trigger and the Action. Our trigger app is going to be Unbounce

The trigger action will be “New Form Submission.” Click the “Save + Continue” button.

We now have to test the Zapier integration with our Unbounce page. Follow the yellow instructions:

  • Copy the URL

Go back to your Unbounce tab or window and click on “Webhook: Post to URL” under Basic Form Integrations

Paste the copied URL from Zapier into the field. Click Save and continue.

Open the published page;

This is what my published example Page looks like;

5. Fill out an example Lead entry and click submit.

6. Go back to the Zapier tab or window and click the blue “Ok, I did this” button

Wait while Zapier tests the form and collects the sample data;

If all is well, the test will be successful. Congratulations! Click on the “Continue” button at the bottom right to proceed to create our Action.

Our Action app is going to be Speak2Leads

Select the “Create Call” option and click “Save + Continue”

Connect a new account

A window should pop up asking you for your Speak2Leads account information. Enter the S2L username and password for the account you are trying to connect into the fields. This information is the same as the S2L client portal login info. Please note: API Key refers to your Speak2Leads password. If you have misplaced this information, email Speak2Leads at help@speak2leads.com for help.

If this window does not appear, please check you pop-up blockers and other browser settings.

Once you have successfully added the desired account, click “Save + Continue”

Now you need to tell Zapier which fields from the Landing Page form correspond to Speak2Leads values.

Click on the box on the right.

Find the correct field

Repeat as needed

Remember that Speak2Leads requires at least 3 values to generate a call.

But you can add whatever information you need (within the overall Speak2Leads Posting manual)

When you are finished mapping the corresponding values, click the “Continue” button at the bottom right

Zapier will then offer you the opportunity to test the integration. It will send the retrieved phone information from the Landing Page form to Speak2Leads and we will attempt to generate a call to the sales persons on the account, informing them of the “lead”. We advise you take this opportunity to test the functioning and ensure smooth integration.

If the Speak2Leads account has been properly configured, your test should come back successful.

Click finish

And don’t forget to turn on your Zap.

Congratulations on creating your Speak2Leads Zap!